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Interview with Brigadier Jerry


MZM : Well we're here with Brigadier Jerry, Brigadier a lot of people probably wondering were you've been. We haven't heard anything from you what are you up to right now?

BJ: Well I'm in the studio doing a couple track to give to RAS Record to release very soon.I've been doing a lot of shows I just came from Canada were i did a couple shows. You know, things is going could be better but it could be worst.

MZM: Be more specific on what your working on, give us an idea/Feel of whats going on in the studio.

BJ: Strictly roots and culture is what i deal with, that's were I'm coming from. This album that I'm working on now is a variety of things. No slackness. A little of this, a little of that. Culture music is what I'm been going for thirty somewhat years now. Can't switch can't change.

MZM " You don't have nothing against slackness

BJ: Yes i do..

MZM : lets me hear what that's about, give me your opinion on it.

BJ. Why i don't really like the slackness is because of the children's. We can't allow them children's to hear certain things and be singing about certain things in the presence of being with an adult. Having three and four years old in the house signing certain tuns that we know isn't appropriate. That is why we speak out against the slackness especially the hardcore slackness. We have to teach the youths whats right because they are the younger generations, the next Prime Minister, Doctor and Nurse so we can't afford to spoil them from such a young age.

MZM. I can also imagine your videos are also going to reflex your philosophy?

BJ: Yes whatever i do is just strictly Rastafarian a 100%. No turing back no stray no mixing no blinding no dilute. Just a 100& straight up.

MZM: Give us an idea of how you got into the business and how long you've been in the business?

BJ: I've been in the business for over thirty years now and i started in my community with a little small sound, played with that sound for a couple years until i went to Jah Love music in 1973. I gave Jah Love music 25yrs and now i'm on my own because i don't have the time to stable myself to one sound now. Due to the fact that I'm here there and every where.So i can't commit myself to a sound but Jah Love is my sound forever when i have time i will go and do a dance or two show. I can't say I'm the permanent Deejay right now because for dances and stage show I'm doing all over the world so i give it to someone else.

MZM: A lot of men came after you and they do some collaborations with US artist and they made it big are you looking forward in doing something like that do you have any plans?

BJ: Wyclif and i hooked up but it didn't really work out but its still in the makings. Maybe by the end of the year it will come through as two rasta man doing our thing. That would be a big push even though I'm not looking. The world already knows me from dance hall. Its all good.

MZM: I really want to thank you for stopping by and talking with us.

BJ: Just keep on doing the right thing and interview the conscious people. Just make the youths know the truth that its just one God. To the deejays that are deejay slackness it time you come to your senses and teach the youth some reality and facts of life so they can step in the right directions Please not big up the gunman cause that is the reason why so many youths are loosing their life's. Big up the bible and the truth, forget about the guns and violence cause it not putting us forward. Rasta god knows the truth. Jah Bless!

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