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The messager chats with muzikmedia


MZK:We are here today with the blessed the gracious, the ever fearful, the messenger Luciano welcome. So to break the ice, and start off, I understand you were just on tour in Hawaii. I believe you performed at the Waikiki Show in August. How was that?

Luciano:It was good. It was my first time in Hawaii, Honolulu, Maui and all those
places. The people really turned out to show their appreciation for the music. My first visit to Hawaii has been a great success its a very great feeling I will always remember.

MZK: So lets talk about the basics. Lets start with your name first. From what I
understand, Luciano, and I dont know if many people know this, but the beginning of Luciano means bearer of light, is that correct?

Luciano: Yes it is.

MZK: Tell us a bit about that?

Luciano: Luci is the prefix, which means the light, so L U C I A N O is the bearer of
light. This name was given to me by Mr. Iris, from Blue Mountain record. A
producer, who saw the talent in me because I used to go with the name Stepper Jack. When you tell most producers you name is stepper Jack they say, wait who stepper? The name Stepper is for a hot stepper in Jamaica. It wasnt doing anything for me. Years went on and I was struggled and battled with the name. So Mr. Iris now, he said you need a proper name and he gave me the name. He said I look like a star because I always dress a certain way you know.

MZK: You dress sharp, dress to impress. What is Reggae consciousness?

Luciano: Well, reggae consciousness to me is a sign and a means by which we can communicate with the people. Its a means of communication with humanity and a bridge between the all mighty and mankind. As messengers, I see the importance of using the music to educate the youth and teach history. So its
definitely message music. I do agree, that it is like a tree that is planted. It will
send out different limbs and this is how dancehall is. It s like a limb from the tree of music, but there are certain main limbs, main cores that will always stand out in the tree that represent the heritage, and the health, and the tradition, of the people.
This is what reggae consciousness is. Its about teaching the youth, reminding us of
the history, and connecting us to our roots.

MZK: You're a Prophet; I can say that at least.

Luciano:I use the term messenger, this to me is humble.

MZK:Okay messenger, Instead of prophet, as the messenger let us know about some of the struggles you have had to perceiver and some of the suffering you have had to endure?

Luciano:The messenger life is always one of tests, trials, and crosses. But, Jah is always there for us. My first trial was when my father moved on. You would say he gave up the physical. When I was eleven years, I saw the physical death of my father. It sent a shock wave to me.

MZK:You buried your father?

Luciano:No, I saw my bigger brothers and sisters bury my father. I thought, how could a good man like this go down under the earth. From then, I started asking some serious questions. After the transition of my father, I had to be there for my mother and other members of the family as a young youth. I had to be willing to work with my mother. My mother going to the market, I had to be willing to help her with her load to the bus stop and so. From those early years, I had to deal with responsibilities and face the reality of survival. As a youth growing up without a
father you have to have discipline to listen to what your mother has to say. In the sense, we were kind of liberated because what you feel as youth, when your father is around you have to be more disciplined and you have to abide by rules. At the age of 12 years old, I started wondering through the woods and found a nice patch of grass. I grew up loving the natural life. In the early years, my father used to take us to the field. We would plant yam and peas, and all those things and help him reap and take them to the market. My father was a carpenter, a laborer everything in one.
He could also play the guitar. When my father moved on, I said I wanted to play the guitar and master it. I started practicing the guitar. In no time I found I had this thing for music in me. I could read and write it.

MZK:Your father and learning the guitar, thats what set you off. I understand you grew up in the church, was that a big contributor to who you are now?

Luciano:My father was a strict Adventist, and he always instilled in us to read devotions and so on.

End of Part 1

© 2004 Muzik Media - Memory Makers. All Rights Reserved.
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