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Kevin Lyttle chats with MZM


MZK: We are here with Kevin Little who just came off the stage at this thing, Capelton was here Vibes Kartel was here Assassin, but we got here late. Kevin I want you tell us how was the concert and what you have been doing recently?

Kevin Little: Well you know Caleeb was my back vocalist, but the show was alright, I came late, the people probably wasnt expecting me at a time like this. Capelton was nice enough to lace the band and let me do a little thing with me, its alright you know as me come you still have to give the people the vibes to still represent because I dont ever not show up for my shows, its just we had some problems getting from Philadelphia to here but it was nice I enjoyed myself. Whats next more music new tune ah come we have Carlos Santana, me have all kind of different thing come still.

MZK: Can you tell us about your album, how have you been doing we know you have been doing very well all over the world youve done Europe recently Japan, Australia, what else is going on that album?

Kevin Little: Well you know the album doing nice the album is at gold right now it sold 500,000 copies already, so were looking at the platinum soon, so you know we are working hard still promoting everything, trying to make sure everything go on nice we just do a track and threw Caleeb on it. Caleeb ah gwan good still you know. Watch out Caleeb ah de next artist come too. The album is nice people love it and big respect to my Caribbean peoples because you have been really supported me. Kevin Little will always be here bringing you soca music, reggae music, dancehall music it doesnt matter what kind of music Im a soca artist, its still about the music of the Caribbean, so Im here to show versatility, so go check out the album, the album is like that!

MZK: Youve also done a whole leap of tracks with Spragga Benz and such tell us the influence of reggae music and you as the first real Caribbean person that has got soca this far in the music industry how you feel about that?

Kevin Little: Well the combination with me and Spragga Benz , its all good, my manager introduced me to Spragga and me and him have been able to pop off and do a lot of work together, Ive learned a lot from him, Spragga Benz is more like a brother to me right now. Although he is not here this evening due to some kind of misarrangement or miscommunication, hes not here but still hes here is spirit, and hes always supporting me.

MZK: Give us a little shout out to the young people and little advise for them, the young soca people coming up and the young artist, inspirational words from Kevin Little.

Kevin Little: To all the young artist nuff people tell me you know Kevin Little you cant do this and you cant do that, but Ive proved those people wrong and if you want to do this or you want to do some other job anything you want to do in life you have to self motivate, dont wait for nobody to motivate you get up and get it done. Make your own movement. Dont wait for people to tell you yeah you sound good, because telling you, you sound good or telling you your good at what you do aint going to help you. Doing it and getting it done and making progress in everything you do is very important. Be self motivated work forward.

MZK: Thank you Kevin little for talking to us a true testament of perseverance. His song Turn Me on has peeked at number 4 on the US Billboard charts. It was the number one song on the world at one point in time big respect to Kevin Little, thank you for talking to us.

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