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Troops Allege Torture from Guyana Military Investigators

Monday, January 7, 2008

In news from Guyana, soldier from the Military Service have alleged that were tortured by senior officers, as part of procedure in the ongoing investigation for a missing ak47 rifle within the army's core. One soldier has claimed that a week after the rifle disappeared, he was 'strapped down and beaten, suffocated, given electric shocks and had his groin pepper-sprayed' by senior officers conducting the investigation. Deputy Chief of Staff Bruce Lovell says that several officers were infact interrogated, but that he was unaware of any acts of physical abuse having occurred during interrogation. Meanwhile, a high ranking senior officer and several other officer have confirmed that the soldier who was in charge of the arsenal during the time of the rifle's disappearance had his ribs broken by army investigators. Another officer has also stated that soldiers are usually mistreated during military investigators, whose tactics often include submersion in the Demerara river.

Michael Dunn
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Shame on the president of Guyana
Does jagdeo realy know what he is doing ? I dont think so , look what he did to the press lock them out because he do not want any one to question him or the GDF about the ill treatment that the officer received from their counterpart .I am a frequent reader always reading my news from the internet to my surprise when i come across with what jagdeo and the GDF did to the media workers and call himself the leader. You need to step down come on people in Guyana you need to fast and pray for this man he must go.shame on you jagdeo barrrrrrrrratttttttt.
By 698dek @  

Friday, January 18, 2008

God Guyana need help!!!!!!!!**
I don't think you have family. You will set and say that torture is ok. Guyana was not a country like that in the days of Mr Burham, that man call jagdeo need to go why can he look into that matter. Because he do not have any kids and can't have any so he do not care what happen to other people.shame on you jagdeo.Look what this man told the reports, when they were questioning hinn about the matter, if they haven seen other things in the country to talk about you need to step down.As long you are there things can get better.God have mercy on your people in jagdeo you need to take patturn from other president.
By bj @  

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a lil torture is ok just ask Mr. Bush about Guantanamo
lick dem if it means getting the infamation. Dem a give the contry a bad name
By ex-guyanese @ us
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Troops torture
I think the president of Guyana must look into this it is casting a very bad shadow on the country those that were beaten are they animals ?? I don't thihg so . What Guyana is turning to these officer ,i doon't think they family and children what a big shame on you (GDF) you are the ones who is responsiable for protecting your country and you officer are ill treating each other . some of you meed to go to seminers so you could know how to deal with matters. I am so embarass when a friend call me and said what is going on in Guyana again. God have mercey on some of our service men and women.
By sad @  

Friday, January 11, 2008

Troops allege torture from Guyana miltary investigations
Jedego is to be blame
By mark devil @ trinidad
Friday, January 11, 2008

Total: 5 Pages: 1

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