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Beewee blues: Some luggage arrives; delays continue

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Several hundred people, many of them Guyanese going home for Christmas have experienced long delays in reaching their destinations. Some were stranded in Trindad and others in North America, that is Canada and New Yorks JFK.
And many of the passengers have reached their final destination minus their luggage.
BWIA began ferrying passengers without luggage after the airline was ordered to have the cargo hold lining on its five Boeing 757s refitted to meet certain standards.
Meanwhile over in Trinidad and Tobago, the Board of directors of cash-strapped national airline BWIA has been given an ultimatum by Prime Minister Patrick Manning: Either fix the beleaguered carrier or government will find someone who can.
Prime Minister Manning said the airline's directors have been given an ultimatum to come up with a plan to make it pay its way.

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BWIA's History
It's time for BWIA to be held accountable for its history of poor performance.

Until we as a caribbean community unite and exercise our economic power by refusing to do business with BWIA, we will continue to be treated without dignity. We should not continue to accept the substandard service BeeWee has become known for.

I will NEVER fly BeeWee EVER AGAIN!
By Dianne @ Atlanta, GA 

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

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