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30,000 to be evacuated as more rains threaten Guyana

Saturday, January 22, 2005

After a week of floods and rain, Guyanese waited expectantly for waters to subside. But as of Saturday, January 22, 2005 , with more rains in the forecast, residents of the affected villages have begun to evacuate with the realization that all may have been lost. Meteorologists forecasted thunderstorms and rains for the next five days. Motorized boats calmly overtake each other on land where cars once zoomed past each other. The search for food and dry shelter brought villagers to the main road, now the main river in many parts. Some waded through waist and chest high water to reach the main road. Others built makeshift floatation devices. Yet others paid a fee to many entrepreneurs who saw the opportunity.

Once on the main road, many built makeshift shelter and went in search of food. The Army headquarters, Camp Ayangana , handled the bulk of those needing a meal. Various relief organizations handed out food and supplies.

Though waters in the central capital have receded, residents are still without potable water and telephone service. Street level apartment residents have moved upstairs or found alternative shelter. A camp being built at Timehri, about 25 miles outside of Georgetown is to receive up to 20,000 displaced persons. The tents are up, but portable bathrooms will take a few more days.

The general plan appears to require ferrying villagers to the main road. Villagers would need to come to a central point for food and shelter. With crops and livestock destroyed, the long term effects will worsen what is already a national disaster.

The Government and others called for relief from international organizations. Brazil and the EU have responded and grants are on line from various donors. Numbers for the Aid agencies in Guyana : (1) Guyana Red Cross > Email: Tele #s 592-226-5174, 592-226-0384, (2) The Guyana Relief Council> 592-225-3081, 225-2874, 225-3681. (3)Flood relief info hotline> 592-227-6867 . Notices: The Guyana Relief Council is urging volunteers to go to their headquarters across from Banks DIH Thirst Park to assist with elderly persons who they have housed there. The Govt is urgently requesting that all persons with big water pumps to take them to the various pumping positions along the East Coast.

THE United States government has deployed specialists and is flying in boats to help evacuate flood victims as the international response to the Guyana Governments appeal for help gathers momentum
Flood-ravaged residents of Good Hope waiting for medical attention on the inundated Railway Embankment Road.
flood-affected residents meet President Jagdeo at State House
crowds outside the Civil Defence Commission base in Georgetown
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By @ US 

Friday, March 3, 2006

what is going to happen to those that lost their homes, clothes etc, is the government going to help in anyway.
By vanessa @ U.S.A. Florida
Thursday, February 24, 2005

my prayers do go out to ppl in guyana, but god must be very upset bcuz there are so many bad things happening to guyana!!
By miss jamaica @ bpt,ct 

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

it saddens me to think that when asia needed aid from the effects of the tsunami we all give my own country needs help and i can't even see it on one television station.i guess when black people are involved things are different.on the news yesterday i heard all the aid agencies say that they have aide available for the next 10 years for the tsunami victims.but i guess Guyana is not a priority.there is no sympathy for us.
By yolanda @ canada
Tuesday, February 1, 2005

PPP and PNC is a joke to me
Is a pack a fools running guyana bi!!! Jagedo is a anutie man. How he pressin people to build a state of the art cricket stadium when guyana dont have no proper infrastructure? How people go invest in the country when wen most of the population dont have proper housing, we dont got proper drainage and the sea wall need to be repaired badly. Dem dutty stinkin polition deh pon scunt!!!
By Blood of a Slave Heart of a King @ Guyana, NY 

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

God Bless Guyana
Why does it take a National Emergency for the government to recognize Guyana needs URGENT HELP? When the tsunami struck the western hemisphere governments from all over were sending millions of dollars to help save the victims...what about Guyana. Its time we take a stand for our brothers and sisters of Sweet Guyana and take it upon ourselves to get together as a nation and HELP in any way possible.
Thank you to those who have already contributed. God Bless Guyana
By Tanya Jerrick @
Monday, January 24, 2005

Race Issue Pesists in a time of Disaster!
Write the Red Cross and let them know that we will not tolerate any type of food distribution program along racial lines. Let them know we ARE watching! Our families are reporting daily to us and we want accountability. We already know the government has an agenda of filling their pockets first. Now, we need to know who will feed those residents of La Penitence and Ruimveldt who are not PPP supporters. Do you have to sign up for the PPP to be eligible for a handout?
Reach the Red Cross at
By Deedee @ US
Monday, January 24, 2005

There is no difference now between those people who are now suffering from the effects of the floods and those living in the villages of berbice who have been poverty stricken for generations. They have lived without electricity, clean water, running water, telephones, or a porcelain thrown for years and years. And for some it will remain so. Where is all the aid and relief for those people. All of a sudden contributions are being made for those people who have to move from their downstairs flat to the upstairs 2 or 3 bedroom apartment while there are families who already go w/out food or a decent shelter. Give me a break! Help all from the start, not all of a sudden when u want to look like a hero.
By Marlene @ brooklyn, NY 

Sunday, January 23, 2005

what's going to happen to the children
i am a teenaged american born to guyanese parents. I have never visited Guyana but my parents have taught me to love that country as my own. I would like to start a school supplies fundraiser here in Brooklyn for Guyanese students. If any readers are interested in supporting us please write to
By Malika @
Sunday, January 23, 2005

Some One should Away
What the hell is the president doing he knows this is an ongoing problem that guyana has always faced why didnt he think of an alternative for people who will give the people all the money back for the damaged goods the stupid president just wants to sit high sleep high and doesnt even care about the peoplez.
By Robin @ New York
Sunday, January 23, 2005

who feels it knows it
they told me for years that my youth and I are us citizens and we accepted it with all the frills. Now when i watch my own country in devastation it hurts so much, my heart bleeds for my people. Maybe now we will accept the fact that we are all guyanese, both blacks and indians and finally join the struggle to preserve and protect our blessed and prosperous nation. Mother earth is angry with us. where are the funds, food drives, fundraisers and punters going to send help to and are we sure if our brothers and sisters who need it will get it? I am most concerned about my rasta people in Guyana who will suffer terribly. Many will die from hunger and sickness. Alot of the food sent are not vegetarian and who really cares? I am volunteering my time and money here in new york and hope that any readers who want to support this cause will contact us. lets continue to pray for our people.
By sis dharma @ ny,ny
Sunday, January 23, 2005

Total: 11 Pages: 1

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