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Monday, November 7, 2005

The West Indies crashed to their 2nd worst defeat since they began playing test cricket in 1930.
When the 1st test against Australia ended last Sunday with a day and some to spare, West Indies had lost by 379 runs. Captain Shiv Chanderpaul won the toss and boldly asked Australia to bat first. Australia respond by scoring over 435 runs. The West Indies in reply managed an anemic 210 with Grenadian, Devon Smith making 88 seemingly the only player who understood his job description.
Australia batted again and mercifully declared on 283 for the loss of 2 wickets: setting West Indies an improbable total of 509 for victory.
First innings hero, Devon Smith went early for 3. The other opener and top scorer Chris Gayle went for 33 but not before he displayed a total lack of discipline and much immaturity by repeatedly swinging wildly at the best fast bowler in the world. With the striking members of the team all back and a new head coach, much was expected.

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