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Security guards exploited

Monday, May 22, 2006

An audit of security companies in the Cayman Islands has revealed rampant exploitation of guards responsible for the security of properties worth millions. Department of Employment Relations, (DER) has revealed.
A surge of requests to waive overtime pay and numerous complaints from employees, the Deprtment of Employment Relations became concerned about what was going on in the industry. 29 security firms were audited over a three-month period. Many companies are working their security guards 22 hours a day and frequently over 100 hours a week.
The average wage for a security guard was $5.62 per hour with one security guard earning as little as $3.33 per hour, said the Director of Employment Relations, Walling Whittaker.
Whittaker explained a company has to apply for an overtime waiver for each employee to get out of paying overtime wages. However, most security companies who have received a waiver appear to have applied for it with regard to all of their employees.

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VxYEpY I really liked your post. Want more.
By only for 5 dollars @ New York
Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Could See It Coming To Cayman!!!
In the (A Days) when everybody was driving the lastest sport Car, I saved my Money and build a house. Now that house is helping people from all walks of life even Caymanians. I am very sorry to know that thing get so bad in Cayman. People are now working for $7:00 an hour. I am not going to curse the Land that help me when times were hard, I will continue to help in the best way I can. Cheap Jeans & Shirt was my friend, I saved most of my Money, people would say to me, why don't you buy good clothes, oh well, what can I say.
By Jamaican @ From Jamaica 

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Is this true?
This is very bad; in the 70's I was making $15 & 25 an hour to work on construction, the economy is falling now. That is so sad.
By ...... @ ...... 

Monday, May 29, 2006

that's slavery
In mi openion i whould call working for anything under $10 is slavery i live in canada and working for $7/$8 we dont wanna work for that whouldnt mind %5.35 not even $3.33 that even too dam bad i say the few jamaican that reside in the cayman island should u know what try and find a better way because jamaicans are the once who even make the cayman island notice by going there and working for little and noting , so now ya'll have wat u need /want get up and leave that dam country alone because that place is a shit hole dont burn ur bridges.... b4 u cross
By none @ ca 

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Total: 4 Pages: 1

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