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Police in Guyana investigate link between the Kaiteur News massacre and prison protests

Monday, August 14, 2006

The gunning down of the 5 pressman at Kaiteur news last week has sent shockwaves throughout the entire Caribbean. Police in Guyana are investigating a possible link between the crime which took place at the same time as protests at the nations main prison. Meanwhile Presidential spokesman Robert Persaud commented that the governing PPP-Civic party believes the attack was election-related.
"We have reason to suspect, whilst we await the police investigation, that it can also been seen as an attack on the whole environment as we head up to general and regional elections", Mr Persaud said.
'This is a deliberate act targeting the Kaieteur News,' President Bharrat Jagdeo said. 'We have to find out whether there is a link with what happened at the prison because it was going on at the same time. Gunmen with automatic weapons stormed Guyana's largest newspaper on Aug 8, injuring a security guard and killing 4 reporters on the spot. The fifth reporter Shazeem Mohamed passed away days later at the Georgetown Hospital.

Treason accused, Mark Benschop, second from left, was among the prisoners who clambered upon the roof at the Camp Street jail on Monday
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